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In Florida, when a seller and a buyer sign a residential real estate contract for the purchase of a new home or condominium, they create legal duties for themselves. If these duties are not fulfilled, then under the contract there are consequences. Those consequences are spelled out in both the contract and in Florida case law.

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 · When a client claims a real estate agent did not perform under the terms of a contract, he or she might seek legal action. One of the most common reasons for breach of contract is failing to.

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A Miami-Dade judge ruled in favor of Miami real estate developer Edgardo Defortuna on Monday. The judge also ruled there was no evidence of breach of contract by Fortune. In a previous ruling, the.

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A seller may breach the contract by not fulfilling any of the agreed upon terms in the contract. Common examples of a seller breach include failure to provide a clear title to the property, failure to make required repairs for the property to pass inspection or failure to vacate the property before the agreed upon date of possession.

Can a Purchase Agreement on Real Estate Be Terminated? Real Estate Contracts: What if I Can’t Close by the Date on the Contract? Does a Seller Have to Have a Paid-off Home Before a Contract.

3 Breach of Real Estate Contract Remedies 4 5 Ways to Terminate a Contract When you sign a contract with a buyer, it’s reasonable to expect that the buyer will fulfill his responsibilities just as.

Breach of Contract by Seller: What Can Buyers Do? In most instances, sellers are eager to close on their properties and move on. Sometimes, however, someone will try to back out of a seller’s contract, either because they have cold feet, received a superior offer, or experienced a life-changing circumstance that makes selling problematic.

In the event that the seller breaches a real estate purchase agreement, either by failing to transfer title to the purchaser or violating another obligation under the contract, the buyer has specific remedies to address the default. These include monetary damages, termination of the agreement and specific performance.

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