Reverse Mortgage Tax Deductions

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The interest on mortgage loans used to purchase a home — and any refinancing of that debt — offers the traditional home mortgage interest deduction, with interest on up to $1 million claimable on a tax return. Reverse mortgage interest on any portion of the proceeds used to pay off acquisition debt will be tax-deductible.

 · Interest Deduction & Reverse Mortgages. If they have not made a payment then they have not paid any mortgage interest and are not allowed a deduction on their taxes. When they pass away and the property is transferred to their estate, the estate will then refinance or sell the home to pay off the mortgage, effectively paying the interest all at once.

Under current tax laws, borrowers who use a reverse mortgage to buy or substantially improve their home may be eligible for a home interest tax deduction when the reverse mortgage is paid off. But the only way to prove whether the interest is deductible is to keep records that show exactly how you used funds from a reverse mortgage.

Therefore, the maximum value of a reverse mortgage on which a taxpayer could claim a mortgage interest deduction is $100,000. The limit could be higher to the that extent the reverse mortgage funds were used on home improvements. There is also one type of reverse mortgage that allows a borrower to buy a home.

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Is a reverse mortgage taxable income?. though many seniors may not have enough deductions to make itemizing a better choice than taking the standard deduction. And if you pay off your reverse.

For those itemizing tax deductions, a reverse mortgage eliminates the deduction for home interest as no interest is paid out of pocket; Closing costs and insurance are expensive which means the borrowers should plan on living in the home for several years to reduce overall costs; Give me a call today. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tax Issues of Reverse Mortgages. Moreover, your mortgage interest deduction is usually subject to the same limits as other home equity loans-that is, you can deduct the interest on no more than a loan of $100,000.

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