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 · According to most sources, the minimum credit score for a conventional bank mortgage is 620. This number is generally based on the fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored programs that buy up private mortgages to sell.

been told that it will take 8-12 months for it to rise above 600. I’ve also been told that the minimum credit score to refinance conventional is 620 and FHA is 600. I simply need to get the loan into MY name for now. If I don’t the court insists that I place the home on the market for sale immediately.

FICO Score Factors: Most influential: Payment history on loans and credit cards highly influential. The class instructor, Anne House, said consumer misconception about credit scores is rampant..

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How important is your credit score? What is that magic number that will ensure you get approved? And what do you need to do to make the mortgage or refinancing process an easy one? The common.

(If you already have access to a free credit score through your local bank. circumstances in which lenders will require you to wait to refinance or wait to finance a loan on an inherited home if.

Perhaps the credit bureaus and credit score distributors are to blame, as they’re constantly urging us to check our scores for any changes. Let’s cut right to the chase. When it comes to mortgage refinancing , your credit score probably won’t be negatively impacted unless you’re a serial refinancer.

A good credit score makes it easy to be approved. off a past mortgage in full when we sold a house, and I also paid off.

Potential effects of refinancing on credit health. In some cases, you may be able to avoid incurring several new inquiries by employing smart rate shopping tactics and getting all your applications in during a 14- to 45-day period. Depending on the scoring model and type of loan, inquiries made during this period may only count as one inquiry when your score is calculated.

Your credit score is a numerical summary of your credit report, a detailed document outlining how well you’ve paid off past debts-to your credit cards, college loans, and any place you owe money.

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