Bad Luck Protection Calculator

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Bad Luck Protection Calculator – Forums General Discussion Bad Luck Protection Calculator. Note: You can easily have more if you have been lucky but if you have been unlucky at least it gives you an estimate as to when you can expect your next one to drop.

 · Speculation: How does the bad luck protection for legendaries. – There probably IS a bad luck protection, but I think it may scale up based on a number of different factors that we are unaware of. That or it’s scaling up every weekly reset or based on additional factors like artifact research.

 · The blizzards bad luck protection system – Forum’s Archive. – So i want to ask does the so called "Blizzards Bad Luck Protection system" really work on me during the 6+ months? How the hell do you have 3 primary professions ? regarding the bad luck protection, all it does is slighty increase your chance for another lego to drop depending on.

[FIXED] legendary drop bad luck protection system | – [FIXED] Legendary drop bad luck protection system Go to page 1. retail has a bad luck protection system for legendary drops that increases legendary drop chance by a bit everytime you trigger a legendary dropping event and dont get one.. Prior to 7.1.5 there was a soft cap on.

Bad luck protection cap prediction uses a limited data set to gather weights for each legendary event. It is very likely the weights suffer from over fitting (match the data points that I have, but aren’t a great real world predictor). Over time, these values have been honed to a point in which they are frequently predicting bad luck protection.

Plus I don’t believe there’s anything like bad luck protection. I think leggo 1 and 2 have higher droprates and then that’s that. I think Blizzard just misleads us because they know that given enough grinding you’re bound to get a new leggo, so they tell us they have "bad luck protection" and then they do something else.

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