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"The check is in the mail", right? This late payment excuse is so popular it has earned an entry in the Urban Dictionary and is pretty much synonymous with the frustration of customers lying about whether they’ve made payment. Through the years, I’ve heard the gamut of late payment excuses.

financing a house that needs repairs What if the Home does not Meet FHA Minimum Property Standards. – What if the home doesn’t meet fha property requirements, but the seller won’t fix the issues?. But I have seen buyers pay for minor repairs just to get the house eligible for financing, and it has worked.. Keep in mind that not all lenders will do a loan with a repair escrow, and repair.

Who Pays on a First Date? - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy Is there any acceptable excuse for late rent? by Janet. Our tenants claim the government overpaid them and they now have to pay back $1100 per pay period.. It really depends on the tenant. A good tenant, I can give them up to 2 weeks leeway if there is a legitimate sounding reason. Anyone.

home loan calculator usa Mortgage and Home Equity Calculators – – Mortgage and Home Equity calculators.. mortgage calculators. mortgage payment calculator. See what your monthly mortgage payments would be based on loan amount, interest rate and loan term.. Country & jurisdictions: united states;

Excuses abound for paying bills late, but none do you any good. We identify the top five – and a way to overcome each one The editorial content below is based solely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertising dollars. However, we may receive compensation when you.

Apology Letter for Late Payment. Writing an apology letter for making a late payment is common in both our business and personal lives. Sometimes we completely forget about needing to make a payment. Sometimes we think we’ve already paid the bill, and sometimes we just don’t have the funds when we need them. It happens to all of us at some point.

5 common excuses for late payments (and how to respond to them) If you’re delivering services on time to your clients, it can be frustrating to be met with excuses for late payment, which typically fall into one of four categories: systems error, supply chain, company crisis or dispute..

figure out house payment Many buyers find that coming up with a down payment for a house is the most challenging aspect of the home buying process. It’s a good idea to examine your finances early so you have a better idea of what you’ll be able to pay.

Letter to Explain Late Payments Written by: Kristy Welsh Use this sample letter to explain late payments when applying for credit. Over the past few months, you have been working hard to repair your credit because you want to buy a home and you have gotten your credit report in the best shape.

Account receivables management: 5 reasons why customers pay late and the solution to each case. Most of the time, your late-paying customers fall into one of the five categories we describe below. Your delinquent accounts will usually have customers from ALL of these categories.

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